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Safe Computing Resources

  • Microsoft's Safety & Security Center: Microsoft has a wealth of information regarding online safety tips, and numerous security related issues. The site is broken up into different resources, but the most appealing forparents and children will be the Family Safetysection. It has tips for all ages of children from 2 to 18, and provides age specific material to make them aware of the potential dangers of being online.
    Offers numerous helpful resources including instructional videos such as Heads Up: Stop. Think. Click. Which strives to make children aware of the potential future ramifications of their online behavior, such as posting inappropriate content online. Another important issue that is covered is cyberbullying, in the video Stand Up to Cyberbullying. The video explains how children can help stop cyberbullying by standing up for themselves as well as others.
  • Norton Anti-Virus Center:
    Also has a great deal of information and resources for both parents of younger children as well as teenagers, and even children that are College bound and will soon be on their own. Topics such as:
  • iKeepSafe:
    iKeepSafe is a non-profit group that works in a collaborative way with private and governmental organizations in developing educational materials.  Their C3 Matrix has been developed to help K-12 educators integrate cyber-safety, cyber-security, and cyber-ethics (C3 concepts) into existing standards and curriculum. 
    The Site offers a repository of numerous online security and safety blogs that touch upon numerous issues that effect Parents and their children.  The graphic below shows how even seemingly free online apps marketed towards children can have hidden costs associated with them, or be used by the companies that make them for data mining or targeted marketing purposes.
  • Stop.Think.Connect.:
    An informative site developed by the Department of Homeland Security, there are numerous resources and links for both Parents and Educators.  The site also provides a link to the FCC’s Smartphone Security Checker which can be used to secure mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and also discusses the potential dangers of using public wi-fi sources.
  • Related YouTube Videos:
    •  Video by the SANS organization showing how to securely utilize online resources and protect children.
    •  This Video was inspired by the Stop.Think.Connect. campaign developed by the Department of Homeland Security it is upbeat and uses a song to help children remember to be safe online.
    •  In this video produced by Honeywell, it goes over some of the security features that parents can use to block online content and offers tips on how to teach children to use online resources in a safe and secure manner.

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