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The following is a list of the courses from the IS and the CNA department that strongly incorporate elements of Information Assurance (IA). While some of these courses include IA topics from a cross-functional point of view, many of these courses are core Information Assurance or Computer & Network Security courses. While SCSU offers many additional security classes, these specific courses were mapped to NSTISSI No. 4011 and CNSSI No. 4016E on January 2013.

Application Program Development II

IS 251 syllabus
Intermediate business computer programming. Interactive program design and development environments. Prereq.: 250. 3 Cr. F, S.

Management Information Systems

IS 340 syllabus
Conceptual foundations of MIS, roles of computer-based information systems in organizations, global and ethical issues in MIS, and business application software. Prereq.: Computer Competency. 3 Cr. F, S, SUM.

Systems Analysis and Design II

IS 351 syllabus
System development using structured tools/techniques for describing process flows, data flows, and data structures. Prereq.: 250, 350. 3 Cr. F, S.

Unix Operating Systems and Principles

IS 352 syllabus
Analysis and management of commands, processes and network links. Applications management. Decision-support mechanisms and log analysis. Script writing for customizing application streams. Prereq.: 250. 3 Cr. F, S.

Client Server Architecture

IS 353 syllabus
Analysis and management of the communication path between client and server processes. Review of physical connectivity, data link, internet and transport protocols. Port addressing structure as related to client/server processes. Lower layer security and performance issues in client server design. Prereq.: 250. 3 Cr. F, S.

Telecommunications and Networks

IS 451 syllabus
Technology and management of telecommunications and networks, the Internet, and world wide web. Prereq.: 340, 350. 3 Cr. F, S.

Policy Development and Security Issues in Information Systems

IS 471/571 syllabus
Development of security policy in line with legal requirements. Risk management, security planning, contingency/disaster planning, auditing, TEMPEST compliance and on-going evaluation through the system life cyle. Prereq.: 353, CSCI 310, CNA 426, or ACCT 380. 3 Cr. F.

Security Management and IT Risk Assessment

IS 472/572 syllabus
Management of the security function. Risk assessment of the probability of data being compromised, design phase, and disaster recovery plan. Auditing and quantitative and qualitative analysis. Prereq.: 471 or ACCT 380. 3 Cr. S.

Client/Server Security

IS 483/583 syllabus
Security problems related to client/server computing. Benchmarking client/server application in relation to virus protection, firewall configurations, authentication/encryption. Secure client/server design strategies. Prereq.: 353 or CNA 426. 3 Cr. F.

Computer Networking I

CNA 425/525 syllabus
Communication characteristics, protocols, software packages, set up, theory, and use of local area networks. Detailed coverage and application of the physical and data-link layers of the TCP/IP model. Prereq.: 397 or equivalent. Coreq.: 426/526. 3 Cr. F.

Firewall and Penetration Testing

CNA 430/530 syllabus
Network access control. Firewall planning, installation, configuration, management, and performance. Network intrusion detection and prevention. Prereq.: CNA 426, or consent of instructor. 3 Cr. S.

OSI Layers Security

CNA 432/532 syllabus
Security models and protocols for each OSI layer. Network and Web security implementation, monitoring, intrusion, recovery, and countermeasures. Prereq.: 426 or IS 353 or consent of instructor. 3 Cr. F.

Applied Cryptography

CNA 438/538 syllabus
Cryptography in secure communications. Secret and Public Key methods. Management of this technology and its relationship to system security policy. Legal and social implications. Prereq.: 437-537, MATH 221, 273. 3 Cr. F.

Operational Software Safeguards

CNA 473/573 syllabus
Implementation of network security policy. Evaluation of hacker tools. Preventative measures. Monitoring attacks and analyzing logs. Prereq.: BCIS 472. 3 Cr. DEMAND.

Please note that the list above is not the complete list of all the courses offered by the IS and CNA departments. For the complete course catalog, click on the following links.