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SCSU is Applying for Re-Designation as a CAE in IA\CD

Thursday, February 20, 2014

St. Cloud State University will be applying this coming spring of 2014 for designation as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance\Cyber Defense (CAE in IA\CD).  SCSU has been recognized as a CAE in IA since 2009 by the NSA and DHS, and every five years the University is required to reapply for recognition as a CAE. The initial step in that process has now been completed, as letters of intent to apply for CAE in IA\CD recognition have been signed by both the President of the University, Dr. Earl Potter III, as well as the acting Deans of the Herberger Business School, Dr. Diana R. Lawson, and of the School of Science and Engineering, Dr. Dan Gregory. Copies of the letters of intent can be found here: President  Deans.

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