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Students Tour Stearns County Courthouse

Thursday, October 16, 2014

On October 2nd 2014, Judge John Scherer spoke to Introduction to Computer Forensics students. He was able to provide a concise background of criminal and digital forensics in Stearns county and answered a variety of questions.

Judge Scherer was quick to acknowledge that the use of digital forensics and the need for qualified digital forensics examiners is growing due to the use of digital devices in the planning and commission of crime. Some interesting topics that were discussed were the need of a warrant to be issued prior to searching one's mobile device, the precautions to be taken when seizing and analyzing a digital device for evidence, the probabilities of recovering substantial data from erased or damaged media, court procedures involved in dealing with digital evidence, duties and restrictions imposed on the jury during such trials, and the admissibility of digital evidence to a court of law.

We thank Judge John Scherer for his time, consideration, and willingness to openly share his knowledge and savoir-faire with us.


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