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Digital Forensics Tour of Global EDGE

Thursday, March 27, 2014

On March 27th 2014, Dr. Mark Schmidt, Director of the CIAS, had the opportunity to tour the Global EDGE St. Cloud premises along with graduate students from his Digital Forensics and Ethics class. The Global Edge Executive team, Jay Cherry (President) and Ms. Cheryl Patton (Director of Operations) gave us a concise background of the company, and went on to explain the purpose behind their business and what they do, while Chief Information Officer, John Nokes discussed their methodology from a data and information security standpoint. Global EDGE is a risk management organization that focuses on client/vendor support; data and decision sciences; software development and other business functions.  They mainly vet companies by making sure you’re dealing with real suppliers as fraud is rampant.

Vetting suppliers is critical in business as research indicates that roughly 5% of a company’s revenue is lost to fraud.  Global EDGE is therefore assuring business integrity between parties by using a data-driven Multi-Factor Authentication methodology in order to ensure the existence, credibility and reliability of companies willing to do business together. Needless to say that data security is very critical given the nature of the data Global EDGE has access to, and manipulates: internal audits to check procedures and actions, penetration testing, data encryption and rigorous regression tests on applications are just a few examples of procedures employed in order to secure the data and its integrity.

The main focus of interest was on their patent-pending Multi-Factor Authentication which employs techniques very similar to those used in digital forensics in order to gather pieces of information that would be rather meaningless should they be considered individually, and put them together in order to construct an accurate profile of the company (isolation of potential fraud incidents), and make informed predictions on the likelihood of a healthy business partnership (outcome-based isolation fraud detection). As the speakers so eloquently described, this meticulous and data oriented process is simply answering to the question: “As a real business are you leaving footprints?” Quite fitting should an analogy be made with the field of Digital Forensics.

The students were able to work on a case study involving a real incident that Global EDGE researched in the past, and were given the opportunity to brainstorm and come up with ideas and potential techniques Global EDGE could use in the case resolution and possible future occurrences. The students gained a lot of insight from a real-world case scenario.

We thank Global EDGE for their time and consideration, and we’re looking forward to future opportunities to visit.

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