The Center for Information Assurance Studies (CIAS) at SCSU is an interdisciplinary effort between the Information Systems (IS) Department located in the Herberger Business School and the Computer Science and Information Technology Department in the College of Science and Engineering.

Information Systems
Herberger Business School

The Information Systems Department offers an undergraduate degree program to students who desire to prepare themselves to enter the management information systems profession. The IS program is about applying information technology to solve business problems. The students will develop skills in analyzing business problems and get hands-on training in computer programming, systems design, computer networking, security, as well as other current computer technology.

IS Website

Computer Networking and Applications

The Computer Networking and Applications (CNA) Program is committed to the high quality preparation of students for administering, designing, and analyzing data networks. The Computer Networking and Applications Program offers students an introduction to the theoretical and practical foundations of network design and administration with emphases in client/server application programming, practical network design, statistics and data analysis and web page design.

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