Group of Children playing outside

Early Childhood Indicators of Progress: Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards


Domain:  Creativity and the Arts

The emphasis in this domain is on children’s engagement with the arts both actively and receptively. The component areas of creating, responding, and evaluating recognize how using and appreciating the arts enables children to demonstrate what they know and allows them to expand their thinking about creative endeavors.  Included within the domain Creativity and the Arts are the components Creating, Responding, and Evaluating.


Children show progress in Creating when they:

1. Use a variety of media and materials for exploration and creative expression

2. Participate in art and music experiences

3. Participate in creative movement, drama, and dance


Children show progress in Responding when they:

1. Show others and/or talk about what they have made or done

2. Show interest and respect for the creative work of self and others


Children show progress in Evaluating when they:

1. Share experiences, ideas, and thoughts about art and creative expression

2. Share opinions about likes and dislikes in art and creative expression


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