Group of Children playing outside

Early Childhood Indicators of Progress: Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards


Domain:  Physical and Motor Development

The emphasis in this domain is on physical health and development as an integral part of children’s well-being and ability to take advantage of educational opportunities. The components address gross motor development, fine motor development, and physical health, nutrition, safety, and self-care.


Children show progress in Gross Motor Development when they:

1. Develop large muscle control and coordination

2. Develop body strength, balance, flexibility, and stamina

3. Use a variety of equipment for physical development

4. Develop ability to move their body in space with coordination


Children show progress in Fine Motor Development when they:

1. Develop small muscle control and coordination

2. Use eye-hand coordination to perform a variety of tasks

3. Explore and experiment with a variety of tools (e.g., spoons, crayons, paintbrushes, scissors, keyboards)


Children show progress in Physical Health and Well-Being when they:

1. Participate in a variety of physical activities to enhance personal health and physical fitness.

2. Follow basic health and safety rules

3. Recognize and eat a variety of nutritious foods

4. Demonstrate increasing independence with basic self-care skills


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