Group of Children playing outside

Early Childhood Indicators of Progress: Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards


Domain:  Approaches to Learning

This domain emphasizes the attitudes, behaviors, and learning styles children use in social situations and in acquiring information. Goals for children are not limited to the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, and skills, but also address the development of positive attitudes and dispositions.  Included within the domain Approaches to Learning, are the components Curiosity, Risk Taking, Imagination and Invention, Persistence, and Reflection and Interpretation


Children Show Progress in Curiosity when they:

1. Show eagerness and a sense of wonder as a learner

2. Show interest in discovering and learning new things


Children Show Progress in Risk Taking when they:

1. Choose new as well as a variety of familiar activities

2. Use a variety of strategies to solve problems


Children Show Progress in Imagination and Invention when they:

1. Approach tasks and experiences with flexibility, imagination, and inventiveness

2. Use new ways or novel strategies to solve problems or explore objects

3. Try out various pretend roles in play or with make-believe objects


Children Show Progress in Persistence when they:

1. Work at a task despite distractions or interruptions

2. Seek and/or accept help or information when needed

3. Demonstrate ability to complete a task or stay engaged in an experience

Children Show Progress in Reflection and Interpretation when they:

1. Think about events and experiences and apply this knowledge to new situations

2. Generate ideas, suggestions, and/or make predictions




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