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Frequently Asked Questions About Payment

How does the billing process work?

You are billed for your child care at the beginning of each month. We calculate your charges based on how you completed your enrollment form, and place those charges on your student account. Account information is available electronically. You must monitor your account online; we do not send out invoices.

Do I pay when my child is not in the center?

Yes. You are billed according to your child's registration, not actual attendance, just like college classes.

Where do I pay?

You pay at the Cashier's office, Administrative Services 123, the same place you pay all your SCSU bills.

What about Final's Week?

You will be billed for Final's Week the same way you are billed for the regular weeks. We will ask you to supply us with new contact information about that week, as your schedule may be different than during the semester.

Do you accept third party contracts?

We are happy to work with families who have third-party assistance in payment of their child care costs. It is the responsibility of those families to maintain current contracts with their counties, as child care charges are posted to these student accounts as well. Counties all pay after the month of service, and because of this lag it is imperative that clients maintain current contracts in order to register on-time and avoid holds.

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