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Members of the university community must meet one of the following criteria to enroll children in the Lindgren Child Care Center:

  • Undergraduate student taking 3 or more credits per semester (3 per summer session);
  • Graduate student taking 3 or more credits per semester (3 per summer session);
  • Students who stop-out of school to work over the summer, but have met the student eligibility requirements the previous spring semester and will meet student eligibility requirements the subsequent fall semester may also use the center during the 12 weeks of summer session.
  • Staff/faculty status will apply to families where at least one supporting parent is employed at SCSU. Student status will preempt staff/faculty status when one supporting parent maintains full-time SCSU enrollment, 12 undergrad or 6 grad credits each semester.
  • Parents may arrange child care hours to accommodate class, study or work schedules according to need.


Flexible scheduling is possible within the parameters of our fee structure. Student parents may register their children part-time or full-time; staff and faculty parents use the center full-time. See our calendar for more information.


There is a fee differential for student parents and faculty/staff parents, as well as a differential based on age of the child. The cost of child care services at the nationally accredited Lindgren Child Care Center is generally less for student parents than it would be at a comparable center in the St. Cloud community. To find out if you qualify for Post Secondary Child Care Assistance use the below link which will lead you to the SCSU Financial Aid department. You may also use the links to your county of residence for information on additional funding.

Application Procedure for Wait List

We do all of our enrollments from a contact wait list. To begin the process, either print this Waiting List/Application Form or call the center (320.308.3296) and request one. The accompanying Information Sheet tells you our days and hours of operation, our current rates, and some information about the waiting list.

The address and telephone information you supply on this form will be used to notify you regarding openings. The date we receive the completed form from you determines your placement on the wait list.

If there is an opening in the age group classroom that you request, we will notify you immediately. And please feel free to contact us at any time about your Wait List Application.


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