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When a child ‘ages’ from one room in to the next, parents and teachers will consult about how to best accommodate the move. Usually a child starts the transition by spending increasing amounts of time in the new room. Once the child’s age requires placement in the next room, teachers and parents will schedule a conference before the child actually makes the move to talk about new routines, expectations, and responsibilities.

The Lindgren Child Care Center also uses established linkages with other early education programs and local elementary schools to help families prepare for and manage their children's transitions between programs, including special education programs. If a child currently enrolled develops signs of special needs, center staff will recommend available resources to parents for the diagnosis of the condition. We will work with the parent to implement therapies to the best of our abilities.

Lindgren program staff will accompany parents to special education IEP meetings, or visit other programs and services with families, as support persons and advocates. Because we have linkages with individuals at other agencies, we can actually effect introductions between families and professionals.

When children transition to kindergarten the following procedures are implemented:

  1. During both Fall and Spring conferences the preschool teacher speaks with families about kindergarten skills children will need;
  2. Teacher coaches parents about what is really needed and what is not so necessary.  Skills really needed are self-help skills;
  3. Teacher encourages families to find out about the kindergarten round-ups in their districts, and to attend;
  4. Teacher writes letters of explanation to kindergarten teachers upon parental request;
  5. Lindgren gives children’s files to parents when children leave our program before their kindergarten fall, especially including developmental assessments.

We also hotlink from our Parent Resources webpage information about local school district kindergarten round-ups, and remind parents to access the page appropriate to their school district.


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