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Strategic Planning

The Lindgren Child Care Center has a strategic planning process that outlines actions the program will take to:

Implementation of Program Vision and Mission

  • We are guided by our mission and philosophy, and utilize them in planning all we do.  If we were to articulate a vision, it would be Lindgren Child Care Center will be the foremost early care and education center in the St. Cloud regional area.
  • All of the evidence provided in this self-assessment supports our mission, and we actively implement our mission daily.

Achieve Outcomes Desired For Children

  • Our broad goals for children (above) are met through the curriculum delivery and assessment of each of the individual classrooms. Children’s outcomes are informed by the lead teacher’s acute knowledge of the developmental levels of her age group of children, and honed by the wedding of assessment results to those developmental outcomes.

Maintain High Quality Services To Children and Families

  • Pursuit of national NAEYC accreditation is the premier evidence of our achievement of high quality services to children and families.  However, our stated goals for children and goals for parents also focus our efforts on maintaining these high standards.

Provide Long-Term Resources to Sustain the Operation of the Program

  • This program has been in existence since 1980, with the same, stable funding source over time.  We are an integral part of the higher education institution that is St. Cloud State University, and will continue to be, in our service to non-traditional students and in our delivery of academic practicum experience to university students who are not parents.

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