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Staff Room

Staff will keep all of their personal belongings in the staff room. Backpacks must be put in an overhead cubby. The area is to remain organized, that is the responsibility of all staff members.

Cell Phones

Cell phones must be turned off when in backroom. If staff are observed using their cell phone during work, they will be dismissed for the day.


The facility and outdoor play areas are entirely smoke free. No smoking is permitted in the presence of children.

St. Cloud State University, as part of the State of Minnesota, prohibits smoking from all campus buildings. We prohibit smoking on our playground as well. When staff is made aware of others who might be smoking in the proximity of the child care center, we ask they extinguish their smoking material. We support the effort for the entire campus to become smoke-free.
In this folder please find a copy of the first 5 pages of the Awair Program policy, on 5.5 the statement of smoking prohibited in state buildings. Also please find a photo of the sign on the door leading to our playground, prohibiting smoking.

Quit Smoking! The 3rd hand smoke on your clothes and breath contains cyanide and arsenic, among other things. Staff will not smoke before they come to work.


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