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Staff Development and Training

In accordance with our philosophy the St. Cloud State University’s Lindgren Child Care Center offers a comprehensive training program that gives each teaching staff member the opportunity to learn, develop, and practice in a high quality early care and education facility. This Five-Part Staff Development Strategy describes how student employees are prepared for employment in the early care and education field.  
These areas include;                          

1. A rigorous orientation giving each new and returning staff person the tools necessary to begin work at the Lindgren Child Care Center,

2. Appropriately scheduling staff according to experience and capability,,

3. Monthly in-service trainings designed by the lead teachers and administrative team.  These trainings  are offered each year along with relevant topics to address issues happening in the classrooms and with specific needs of classroom staff.   This plan complies with both MN Statute 245A.40 and NAEYC Accreditation requirements,

4. Modeling, mentoring, and evaluation,

5. Child Care Aware professional development and training opportunities that seek to positively impact the experiences of children in child care settings by expanding the knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs of those who care for them.

    • Trainings are offered through Child Care Aware of MN
    • All trainings are approved by Parent Aware, the MN Early Childhood Quality Rating System
    • All trainings are structured to lead to credentials, such as the CDA.
    • Staff register with the MN Center for Professional Development were they are able to track themselves in the MNCPD Career Lattice
    • Staff are encouraged to complete a career professional development plan through the MNCPD
  • Professional Development Plan, Appendix IX-d
  • Annual Training Plan, Appendix IX-e
  • MN Statute 245A.40, Appendix IX-f
  • Preschool Staff Handbook, Appendix IX-h


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