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All student staff is eligible for salary increases based on length of employment and professional qualifications. Currently all beginning student staff will begin employment with an $8.00 per hour salary. After one year the student will granted a raise to $8.10 per hour. After two years of required coursework, staff with 1020 hours of experience working with children are eligible to be paid at the assistant teacher rate of $8.25 per hour. The base salary for work-study students is set by the Office of the Chancellor, MnSCU.

Unclassified Change Form: The Unclassified Change Form is used to make additional payments to employees already in the payroll system, such as overloads, extra duty days, or substitute pay. It is also used to notify HR of a change in assignment, i.e., reassigned time.

  • Unclassified Change Form, Appendix IX-c

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