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Recruitment and Maintenance of Staff


Our teachers have longevity in this program.  These positions are supported with union contracts and exceptional fringe benefits.  When we have the need to hire, we follow university Affirmative Action procedures for hiring, which include conducting regional searches.  Work is done by search and screening committees, recommendations for hire go to the Vice President for Student Life and Development, and finally to the President of the University.  Qualifications for the position are defined by the position description.

Teaching Staff

Our policy and practice will be that each child’s age group will have staff assigned to achieve particular ratios as stated. There is a full-time lead teacher in each classroom.  Teaching staff do vary from day to day and from hour to hour. Once the schedule is established, the teaching staff is stable for the rest of the semester.  Frequently the same staff person will come, leave, and return to work in the room.  Teaching staff assigned to a particular age group work with that age group throughout the duration of their employment at Lindgren Child Care Center.  Close examination of enclosed staffing patterns verify that, from hour to hour, the composition of the teaching staff does not change more than 50%.

Student staff are trained, coached, and mentored by their lead teachers. They work in these lead teacher’s classrooms for their tenure here at St. Cloud State University.  Therefore they consistently work in the same age classroom, and have responsibilities for working with a specific assigned group of children. This provides for continuity of relationships between teaching staff and children.


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