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Procedures for Reassignment or Termination of Student Personnel

  1. Lindgren Child Care Center Student Personnel are students employed under the University Work-Study Program and/or paid with Student Activities monies.
  2. Conduct by Lindgren Child Care Center Student Personnel while performing as an employee of the Center which violates Lindgren Child Care Center policies, including the “Policy on the Use of Drug and Alcohol”, MnSCU rules, State Law, and/or Federal law may serve as cause for reassignment or termination of that employee or volunteer’s position at the center.
  3. The Lindgren Child Care Center director may immediately reassign and/or terminate student personnel at the center if the action is necessary to insure the safety, health, and/or welfare of the children, parents, and/or other staff.  Prohibited actions include;
    1. Rough handling
    2. Shoving
    3. Hair pulling
    4. Ear pulling
    5. Shaking
    6. Slapping
    7. Kicking
    8. Biting
    9. Pinching
    10. Hitting
    11. Spanking
    In addition, subjection of a child to emotional stress will result in dismissal.  Examples include:
    1. Name calling
    2. Ostracism
    3. Shaming
    4. Making derogatory remarks about a child or the child’s family
    5. Using language that threatens, humiliates, or frightens the child
  4. Staff will not separate children from the group unless:
    1. Less intrusive methods (redirection, discussion) have been tried but ineffective
    2. The child’s behavior threatens the well being of the child or other children in the program
    3. A child who requires separation from the group must
      1. Remain within an unenclosed part of the classroom where the child can be continuously seen and heard by a program staff person
      2. The child’s return to the group must be contingent on the child’s stopping or bringing under control the behavior that precipitated the separation
      3. The child must be returned to the group as soon as the behavior that precipitated the separation abates or stops
    4. Children between six weeks and sixteen months will not be separated from the group as a means of behavior guidance.
  5. Any situations presenting a possible violation in #2 above should be reported to the Lindgren Child Care Center director as soon as possible.
  6. If a violation is substantiated by the director, the director will draft a written description of the incident(s) and the actions taken by the director.
  7. The director will file the Incident Report(s) with the designated official listed in the College Bulletin, Faculty/Staff Handbook, MnSCU Rules, or Minnesota Law.
  8. Any incidents of suspected child abuse, child sexual abuse, or child neglect by student personnel will be referred to the Vice President for Student Life and Development and the Stearns County Child Protection Officer in accordance with Minnesota statute.
  9. The Financial Aid Office will be given written notification of any Work-Study student personnel reassignment by the Lindgren Child Care Center director as soon as possible to minimize disruption of work-study payments and/or further efforts at reallocating such monies.
  10. Where appropriate, students may exercise all due process procedures relating to academic disciplinary appeals found in the Student Handbook.
  11. Assistant teachers will supervise aides in absence of lead teacher.
  12. The Lindgren Child Care Center will not tolerate any unexcused absences.  Any such absences may result in termination of employment.
  13. Tardiness- excessive tardiness will be grounds for termination.
  14. Inappropriate language/statements are not acceptable.  Respect and good judgment towards parents, children, and staff need to be observed at all times.
  15. It is unlawful for any staff member to treat a child in an abusing or neglectful manner.  Persons suspected of child abuse and/or neglect will be reported by the director or lead teachers to the appropriate social service or police department representative.
  16. Investigation of existing staff will regard to alleged child abuse and neglect shall be pursued by the director, Vice President for Student Life and Development, and the appropriate enforcement agencies.
  17. Persons suspected of child abuse and/or neglect may be reassigned, suspended, or terminated from their employment at the Lindgren Child Care Center and the University.
    It shall be the policy of the Lindgren Child Care Center to not hire a staff person convicted of or admitting to or been the subject of substantial evidence of an act of child battering, child abuse, child molestation, or crimes of moral turpitude or debasement.  All staff will be required to submit information for criminal background checks before working directly with children.
  18. Investigation of staff candidates with regard to alleged or proven child abuse, neglect, and/or moral turpitude will be done by the director and the Vice President for Student Life and Development. 
  19. If a student staff person encounters a situation where there is suspicion or concern, it might be helpful to discuss his or her concern with the lead teacher or Director.  Conversing shall be done ONLY in the center, behind the closed doors of the director’s office.
  20. This follows the chain of command as written in the staff handbook.  However, the law requires mandated reporters to personally make a report if they know or have reason to believe a child is being neglected or abused or has been within the past three years.
  21. Staff must maintain confidentiality of information unless they are talking to teachers, social services personnel, or law enforcement personnel.  This means keeping information about children to themselves.  Finally, staff must never allow their concerns to color or affect the positive regard they must hold for each and every family the Center serves.


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