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Pest Control

The Lindgren Child Care Center has a specific Model Pest Control Policy that is part of St. Cloud State University Safety Policies and Procedures.  In the policy implementation, Lindgren designates the director or associate director to be the contact person to answer questions from parents and employees about the policy and to coordinate its implementation. 
In addition to the implementation of this policy the Lindgren Child Care Center will:

  • Inform parents and employee members in writing of the facility’s pest control policy
  • Pest management decisions will be made on the findings of regular inspections.  The center will avoid routine use of pesticides
  • Pesticides used at the center will be applied by certified pesticide applicators or registered technicians
  • Pesticides will not be applied when children are present in the center.  Toys and other items mouthed or handled by the children will be removed from the area before pesticides are applied.  Children will not return to the treated area within two hour of a pesticide application or as specified o the pesticide label, whichever item is greater
  • In the event of an emergency where pests pose and immediate heath threat to children and employees (e.g. wasps) and pesticides are applied, ensure that children will not return o the treated area within two hours of a pesticide application or as specified on the pesticide label, whichever time is greater
  • The Lindgren Child Care Center will provide at least two operational days but not more than 30 days advance notice of pesticide application to parents and employees except in emergencies where pest pose an immediate health threat to children or employees (e.g. wasps)
  • Notify parents and employees as soon as possible when advance notice is not provided and include an explanation of the emergency, the reason for the late notice and the name of the pesticide applied
  • Make accessible, upon request, all records of pesticide applications and advance notices for at least 90 days


This policy does not apply to the following exempted uses of pesticides:

  • Germicides, disinfectants, bactericides, sanitizing agents, water purifies and swimming pool chemicals used in normal cleaning activities;
  • Personal insect repellents applied to the person with parental consent; and
  • Gel bait or manufactured enclosed insecticides where children do not have access to the bait.


  • SCSU Pest Management Policy, Appendix II-F
  • SCSU Pest Management policy for LCCC, Appendix II-G


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