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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Family members are provided information, either verbally or in writing, about their child's development and learning on at least a quarterly basis, with written reports at least two times a year.

Both parents and staff may wish to call for additional conferences as needed. The Lindgren Child Care Center believes very strongly in keeping our parents informed as to the development of their children. Below is specific language from our assessment plan to document our parent teacher communication policy.

  • Developmental assessments are ongoing (year round) with results discussed with the parent throughout the semester, both daily along with two scheduled parent/teacher conferences, one each fall and spring semester.
  • Parents are asked to be involved in their child’s planning and assessment via an online journal using the Creative Curriculum assessment program.
  • Also, on a daily basis the lead teachers discuss with parents developmental milestones reached, developmental progress, and developmental concerns.
  • Both formally and informally the lead teachers will disseminate the screening and assessment information gathered for parents. This process will empower the parents as they will feel informed and more knowledgeable about their child’s developmental progress.

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