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Outdoor Rules

Staff should remember that when they are outside with the children, their main concern should be the children and their safety.  Staff should be INTERACTING WITH and watching the children AT ALL TIMES.  They must not abuse this time for rest and relaxation.

When on the playground, children are not allowed to throw rocks. Children should only throw balls in play.

Staff should use precaution when children are around strangers. Staff shall be sure they know where their entire group is at all times. STAFF MUST NOT INTERACT WITH STRANGERS.  IF THEY ARE KNOW TO STAFF, THEY ARE STILL STRANGERS TO THE CHILDREN.

Before leaving the center, staff must be sure to take a head count and write a note on the white message board in the classroom. Information should include the time leaving, anticipated return time, and route of walk or destination. One staff member must bring their cell phone with and leave their number with someone in the office. Children should be encouraged to use the restroom before leaving and wait for the group. Staff must bring the fanny pack which contains basic first aid supplies.

Children should walk on the sidewalk and not go into the street or on stairways. Everyone must use designated cross-walks. Children should never climb on sign posts, hydrants or trees, nor should they touch wild or seemingly domestic animals.


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