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Inside the Building Emergency - Evacuation

If the Center is advised to evacuate not only the current space but also the ECC building, everyone in the Center will go to the A120 lounge of the Education Building.  Easy automobile access to this area is from N Parking Lot, or 4th Avenue.  Staff members will post this information on signs on our doors when staff leave the ECC Building.  The instruction to evacuate children to the Education Building are:

  1. each teacher takes his/her sign in sheets, places them in their backpack, and readies children to leave building;
  2. leave the center by the door furthest away from the danger;
  3. on the back of the office door is a RED pocket folder with yellow laminated signs, stating where the Center is going.  A staff member must tape one of these to all 3 external doors, 2 in the hallway, and one by the preschool lockers (There are 2 extra of these in the Preschool backpack);
  4. in addition to each teacher’s backpack, staff must also take along the crisis kit from the office;
  5. all staff who have cellular phones should get them and bring them;
  6. The Center will enter the Education Building from the doorway staff deem most safe.  Children and staff will settle in the lounge, EB A120 immediately;
  7. staff members will begin to call parents from the emergency contact sheets located in the brown envelopes in the backpacks;
  8. other staff members will be stationed near the doors to spot parents;
  9. have parents pick up and sign out their child ONE AT A TIME, to maintain order, and keep track of children
  10. SCSU has an emergency procedures contract with the American Red Cross, who would come to campus eventually to provide support and conduct any necessary evacuation.

When accident or injury warrants, the child will receive First Aid as necessary, and if the emergency is immediate, 9-911 will be called and the parent will be notified.

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