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Food Safety

We employ a number of methods to protect children with food allergies from contact with the problem food. We work with catering staff to have a recommended alternative food provided for that child.  Center staffs that purchase breakfast and snack foods are skilled at label reading to avoid purchase of foods with tree nut oils, and any peanut product.  We consider ourselves a nut-free center; however know that food production at our caterers is not nut-free. We allow no foods from homes to be brought in and served in the center, indicated in our Operations Manual, as a final way to protect children from outside foods.  When we prepare lists of children’s names with food allergies for posting in our food preparation areas, we actually cover-up the list with a piece of construction paper, but food production staff lift up the cover often to remind themselves who has what food allergy or preference.

It is our policy to honor food preferences whenever we can.  For instance, we always honor to the best of our abilities, Muslim requests that their children not be served pork.   If families wish their children to remain vegetarian we also find sufficient protein sources to feed those children in lieu of meat.


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