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When children are enrolled, they are enrolled for the semester. Parents are billed based on their child’s enrollment, not attendance. Parents are not billed for any days that classes are not in session, but will be billed for any days their child is absent, whether due to illness or vacation.

The Lindgren Child Care Center charges by the week, and current fees are available from the website ( or from the office. Charges for each month’s child care are calculated at the beginning of each month, and include the cost of scheduled hours for the month. Accounts will be monitored on a weekly basis. When your unpaid charges are $500.00 and over, we will be unable to care for your child until the bill is paid. If the child care slot is NOT filled before the charges are paid you child will be welcomed back. If you chose to dis-enroll at this time, the two week dis-enrollment notification policy will apply. Charges are entered into the University’s billing system, and appear on the parent’s electronic account. It is the responsibility of the parent to keep their bill current. When the Lindgren Child Care Center enters the charges, they are immediately considered due. We recommend you ask us to calculate your child care charges for the entire semester, and have your financial aid apply to pay for all your semester’s charges.

The Lindgren Child Care Center is happy to work with families who have third-party assistance in payment of their child care costs. It is the responsibility of those families to maintain current contracts with their counties, as child care charges are posted to these student accounts as well. Counties all pay after the month of service, and because of this lag it is imperative that clients maintain current contracts in order to register on-time and avoid holds.

There is one refund policy. Refunds will be paid to student users for schedule changes


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