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Family Functions

Family functions, training opportunities, and picnics will be planned throughout the year. Participation in these activities is encouraged and appreciated by children, parents, and staff.  We provide three opportunities per year, centered on food, for families to meet with one another informally, to learn from and provide support for each other. They are a Fall Family Pot Luck, a Valentine’s Day Breakfast, and a Spring Barbeque.  Entire families along with all of our employees are invited to all three events, and we have excellent participation. 

We also host a campus-wide used book sale every spring, as part of our campus’ and curriculum ‘green’ efforts. Children understand that recycling is a good thing for the planet, and they see a used book sale as a recycling method. Parents, families, and all campus constituents are invited to donate used books to our sale, and the children operate the sale along with their parents and staff for 2 days.


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