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Facility Size (Sq. Footage)

There is a minimum of 35 square feet of usable space per child in each of the primary indoor activity areas. (The primary activity area does not include diaper stations, cribs, large structures that cannot be removed or moved aside easily, toilets, any sick-child area, staff rooms, corridors, hallways, stairways, closets, lockers or cubbies, laundry rooms, janitor rooms, furnace rooms, storage areas, and built-in shelving. Specialty areas such as computer rooms, reading rooms, and lunchrooms, where children are expected to remain seated for short periods of time may be excluded from the minimum space requirement.)

The Lindgren Child Care Center is made up of three individual classrooms: infant, toddler, and preschool.  The infant room is 300.5 square feet, toddler room is 645.3 square feet, and the preschool room is 1447.5 square feet.  Based on these areas, we have enough room for a total of about 8 infants, 17 toddlers, and 41 preschoolers with 35 square feet of space for each child. 

The Lindgren Child Care Center outdoor play area is an environment that contains grass, bike paths, sand, a climber, shade under trees and shade under a man-made canopy, benches, flowers, and even some artificial turf. The total area outside in the playground area is 9902 square feet.  This is more than twice as many square feet we would have to have for a minimum if all 45 of our enrolled children were outdoors at the same time.

Floor Plans, Appendix II-C


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