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Environmental Hazards

The Lindgren Child Care Center follows all St. Cloud State procedure and policy in dealing with environmental hazards. Program staff protect children and adults from exposure to high levels of air pollution from smog or heavy traffic by limiting outdoor and physical activity as a precaution during smog or other air pollution alerts. Lindgren Child Care Center, as a part of St. Cloud State University, receives Air Quality Advisory notices from Dr. Bob Weisman, Meteorology Professor, as these advisories are issued from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. When these advisories are received, the director or associate director passes this information forward to teachers and advises whether or not children ought to go outdoors to play, or how to restrict children’s outdoor and physical activity as a precaution to these alerts. Teachers are also a part of the listserv, and have these notices sent to them as well.

Lead and asbestos management policy and procedure is dictated through the office of SCSU’s Occupational Health and Safety Department.  The Lindgren Child Care Center defers to their policy as we are an entity of SCSU.

Documentary evidence, available on site, indicates that the building has been assessed for lead, radon, radiation, asbestos, fiberglass, or any other hazard from friable material. Evidence exists that the program has taken remedial or containment action to prevent exposure to children and adults if warranted by the assessment.

  • Documentation of Environmental Hazard Evaluation, Appendix II-B

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