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Duty Hours

In order to maintain the legal and necessary adult to child ratio, it is essential that staff work the hours they are scheduled. The Center is open 5 days a week.  When staff members are scheduled on Fridays, the Center expects them to work on Fridays. If staff are unable to work their hours (illness, etc.) it is their responsibility to find someone to work for them. Failure to find someone to cover their hours will result in disciplinary action. Each time staff will be required to fill out an absence report form, and give it their lead teacher. If a staff member needs to go to class immediately following his or her work here, and he or she leaves 10 minutes before the hour, he or she must have arrived at work 10 minutes before his or her hour started. Staff get paid to work full 60 minute hours. Staff should, however, remain in their area until their replacement has arrived.


If a staff member works for a period longer than four hours, staff are provided a 15 minute break for each four hour period.

  • Absence Report Form, Appendix IX-A


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