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Administration of Drugs/Medications


Routine or “as needed” medications are not administered by the staff. This includes medications for asthma (inhaler or neb), pain, fever (Tylenol, Advil), antibiotics, cough syrup, and others. Parent(s) are welcome to stop by the center to administer medications they wish their child to have. It is up to the parent(s) to store and transport any medications. [Lockers are available throughout the campus]. Parent(s) of children with asthma are urged to consult their physician about an “asthma action plan” developed in regards to this medication policy. For example – having the parent administer an short-acting bronchodilator (Albuterol) inhaler prior to playing outside to avoid an asthma attack.

Staff will administer medications during a life-threatening event. For example an anaphylactic shock (epinephrine injection).

  • The parent(s) needs to provide the director with a current physician order (within a year) indicating medication, dose, route, along with specific directions as to when (what symptoms) the child should receive this medication.
  • The medication container must be clearly labeled from the pharmacy with the child’s name, dose, route, directions, and expiration date. The medication must be “current” and not “expired.” This medication will be stored in the center.
  • Following administration of epinephrine the emergency services will be called and the parent notified.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to replenish the medication stored in the center and to ensure the medication is current (not expired).

Written parent permission is required for staff to use any diaper rash ointments, diaper wipes, and commercial sunscreen, Sunscreen will only be used on children over 6 months of age.

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