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Customers (parents, students, families, guests, other University personnel) form impressions of the University and the department based on their experiences with services provided and how we present ourselves. An employee’s dress or attire is an important part of these impressions. Clothing should be tasteful and appropriate for the position, the Lindgren Child Care Center will show Husky Pride by providing SCSU apparel for all staff, which is required by all..

o Staff must dress neatly and appropriately for working with young children and for meeting parents.

o Apparel promoting other universities should be avoided.

o Shirts should be long enough to touch pants and have appropriate necklines. Underwear of all types should not be showing and visible cleavage is not acceptable.
o Shorts and skirts need to be of appropriate length (when arms are resting at your side, fingers should not be able to touch bare skin).

o Pajamas are not acceptable work attire.

o Text or graphics must be appropriate with final approval by the direct supervisor.

o Some people (parents, faculty, and co-workers) are allergic to chemicals in perfumes, colognes, and lotions so wear these substances with restraint.

o Hats may not be appropriate in an office; however, may be required for certain positions. Head covers required for religious purposes or to honor cultural tradition are allowed.

o Children go outdoors daily, so staff need to dress for outdoor weather appropriately.  THIS MEANS WINTER TOO! 

o Staff must remember that they are a role model for the children in our care.






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