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Efforts are made and documented to hire and maintain staff with the cultural and racial characteristics of the families served. Policies are in place for obtaining staff or volunteers who speak the language of the children served, and these individuals regularly interact with the children and families.

St. Cloud State University Affirmative Action policies apply to the full-time professional MSUAASF hires. More to the point however, because we obtain at least one half of our employees through the college Work Study program, we have little control over the racial demographics of those authorizations. To address this specifically, we have successfully written a Cultural Diversity Grant to the University specifically designed to allow us to hire culturally and racially relevant staff into our program.

Finally, when there is need for staff or volunteers who speak a language of a child and family, we seek the volunteer services of linguistically relevant international students who volunteer in our classroom, to speak native language with all of our children, and interact with the families as well.

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