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Children often become so involved in activities at the center that they forget about the types of clothing they are wearing. To meet the children’s needs to fully participate in the program and be successful in dressing themselves, parents should keep the following in mind when dressing their children for the Center:

  • Be simple enough so the child can put in on and take it off easily.
  • Be loose enough to provide freedom of movement.
  • Be durable and washable enough to permit vigorous play.
  • Be inexpensive so that soiling, damage, or loss will not cause great concern.
  • Be appropriate to present weather conditions.
  • ALL clothing should be labeled with the child’s name.

All children need a complete change of clothing at the center.  Infants, toddlers, and those being toilet trained should have 3 complete sets of clothing in their lockers/cubbies.  Parents must supply an adequate amount of disposable diapers for all children not toilet-trained.  The Lindgren Child Care Center does not allow the use of cloth diapers for health reasons.  Parents will incur a charge of $1.00 per disposable diaper when there are not disposable diapers supplied for their child, which is added to the monthly bill.

Children’s wet or dirty clothing needs to be changed immediately.  Center staff members check the child’s cubby for clean clothing.  There is also extra clothing in each area.  For older children, teaching staff encourage them to do their own changing.  Dirty clothes are put in plastic bags, labeled with the child’s name and placed in the cubby.  For infants and toddlers, we put the bag in the “Soiled Clothes” locker and leave a note on the child’s chart.

Clothing Suited to the Weather

Parents must be sure to have clothing appropriate to the weather each day their child attends.  Children play outdoors every day.  In Summer wide-brimmed sun hats, and in Spring and Fall a light jacket, hat, and gloves, is appropriate.  In Winter, hats, mittens, boots, snow pants, and jackets are necessary.  All clothing, including shoes and boots, must be marked with child’s name.


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