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Arrivals and Departures

Parents and authorized adults must accompany children into and out of the center at all times, and must sign children in and out when coming and going. 

  • Parents are encouraged to keep routine arrival and departure schedules for optimum staffing. 
  • Parents will notify teachers when children will not be in attendance, dropped off late, or picked up early to ensure proper staffing.
  • Due to Federal and Accreditation requirements, the LCCC is not able to adjust mealtimes.
  • Children that receive special services and are transported by that third party will be signed out by the staff person responsible in walking the child to the bus/transportation vehicle.  After the student arrives back at the center the staff person responsible in resuming care will sign the child back into care.

As the Lindgren Child Care Center does not transport children we use the same plan as stated above, each of our children transported are children will disabilities so the procedures used to bring and pick up from transportation were put together with their need in mind.

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