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Americans with Disabilities Act

The Lindgren Child Care Center meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements. Accessibility includes access to buildings, toilets, sinks, drinking fountains, outdoor play space, and all classroom and therapy areas.

Examination of our center shows that thresholds of doors are not higher than ½ inch, our doors are 32” wide, and the building entry is accessible to a wheelchair.  Two toilets that children use do not meet accessibility requirements at this time.

The Lindgren Child Care Center is located within the Engineering and Computing Center (ECC).  This building was originally constructed in 1958, as a campus laboratory school.  It has undergone renovation in 1986 to its present configuration and usage.  It can be noted in the Program Tour that some accommodations have been made to the building, even though it was neither renovated nor constructed after 1993.  University administrative officials have been most responsive in making accommodation to children on an as-needed basis.  For example in the 1990’s we served a child with a fatal UV allergy, so a protective film has been applied to all of our windows, and lights with special filters were purchased at that time.

The enclosed memorandum from Vice President Steve Ludwig, who provides oversight to all buildings and grounds on our campus including the Lindgren Child Care Center, vows that within reason the university would make whatever additional accommodations that might be necessary to ensure a child or college student’s participation in our program.

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