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Accident Prevention

The environment is arranged to be safe. 

  • Hazardous and potentially toxic substances will be locked and kept out of the children’s reach.  Surfaces are covered with non-toxic substances, and all room furnishings are safety approved. 
  • Staff will be trained in keeping size of playthings age appropriate.
  • Infant’s bottles will not be propped-up. 
  • The kitchen area is an adult-only area. 
  • All electrical outlets are equipped with safety plugs. 
  • Traffic area and sidewalks are designated as high priority for snow removal. 
  • The director inspects the facility periodically for potential hazards and corrections.
  •  Twice a year the accident log is evaluated for hazardous areas.

Upon arrival each classrooms opening staff will conduct a daily inspection of potential hazards within their designated classrooms.  Prior to children playing on the playground a staff member will conduct similar inspections to the outdoor area.

Where appropriate, proper accident prevention and safety procedures will be taught to the children.  Environment regulations will prohibit climbing on furnishings other than designated climbers, and prohibit the putting of small objects in the mouth.


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