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Dear Volunteer and Practicum Students,
The teachers and staff would like to welcome you to the Lindgren Child Care Center. We hope you are as excited about your experiences to come as we are.
LCCC serves St. Cloud State University students by providing volunteer experiences, observation experiences, and practicum placements. We want your time in our program with the children and teachers to be educational and enjoyable. The staff at LCCC has great respect for the children and we strive to convey the same attitude to you during your time with us.
The procedure/policy listed below will provide you with practical information that will help you feel comfortable with the children and our program. Only after completion of required documents will persons be allowed to schedule practicum/volunteer experiences.
While we believe it is our responsibility to be an expert laboratory resource to the St. Cloud State University community, it is your responsibility to treat this experience as a professional.  We will treat you with professional courtesy and expect the same in return from you. Early Care and Education is more than just a job, it is a passion. We take our responsibilities very seriously and hope you feel the same. The LCCC staff and teachers are here to answer any questions you may have as well as assist you with any professional help or guidance you may need.
We look forward to sharing our program with you and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
The Lindgren Child Care Center Staff





1. Each person entering the Lindgren Child Care Center as a practicum student or as a volunteer must first review information along with PowerPoints on the document titled Practicum Experience Guidelines (at left).

This document must be returned completed and signed prior to scheduling an experience.  If you return the document via your SCSU email, you may sign electronically as we will also use your email address and signature.


2.. If your experience is for a specific course, upon receipt of the Practicum Experience Guidelines document, we will communicate with the documented Faculty member regarding the experience.


3. You will be forwarded instructions to your St. Cloud State University email on how to schedule your experience via our Outlook Calendar.





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