Chemistry & Biochemistry Seminars

2014-2015 Seminars

All seminars are open to the public. They are held in Wick Science Building, Room 122 at noon unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2015  
Monday, Jan. 19 Martin Luther King Day--no seminar
Monday, Jan. 26 Dr. Sara Mason-- University of Iowa
Monday, Feb. 2 SCSU Chemistry Faculty
Monday, Feb. 9 Bobbi Murphy, SCSU Career Services
Monday, Feb. 16 Dr. Renee Frontiera--University of MN, Twin Cities
Friday, Feb. 20 Heidi Bjerketvedt--U. of MN College of Pharmacy
Monday, Feb. 23 Open
Monday, March 2 Dr. Peter Edelman--Boston Scientific
Monday, March 9 Spring Break--no seminar
Monday, March 16 Dr. Chris Dewberry--University of Minnesota
Monday, March 23 Dr. Tom Gardner--SCSU
Monday, March 30 Open
Monday, April 6 Open
Monday, April 13 Dr. Guodong Du--University of North Dakota
Monday, April 20 Open
Monday, April 27 Open
Fall 2015 We already have one speaker lined up for next fall. Randy Mrozek, an SCSU graduate from 2001, will be coming back to give a seminar.
Fall 2014  
Monday, Sept. 8 Dr. Petitto, Dr. Dobson, Dr. Gardner--SCSU Chemistry Research Recruitment Talks
Monday, Sept. 15 No Seminar
Monday, Sept. 22 Dr. Thomas Pundsack--University of Minnesota
Monday, Sept. 29 Mr. Culllin Bachmeier--Chrom Tech
Monday, Oct. 6 Dr. Igor Slowing--Iowa State University
Monday, Oct. 13 Dr. Gregory Gillispie--University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Monday, Oct. 20 Dr. Jonathan Marchant--University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Monday, Oct. 27 Dr. Victor Nemykin--University of Minnesota-Duluth
Monday, Nov. 3 Dr. Peter Edelman--Boston Scientific--CANCELED
Monday, Nov. 10 Dr. Frontiera--University of Minnesota--Canceled will be rescheduled spring semester
Monday, Nov. 17 Dr. Kannan Sivaprakasam--SCSU
Monday, Nov. 24 Mr. David Gorman--SCSU
Monday, Dec. 1 Ms. Breanna Bellrichard--SCSU Chem 491 presentation
Monday, Dec. 8 Rebecca Berg--SCSU Internship Report


Past Seminars

2013-14 Seminars

Spring 2014  
Monday, Jan. 20 No Seminar
Monday, Jan. 27 Dr. Austin Pitcher--Columbia Univ. College of Physicians and Surgeons (SCSU alum) --CANCELED
Monday, Feb. 3 No Seminar
Monday, Feb. 10 Mallory Danford--NDSU Master of Public Health program (SCSU alum)
Monday, Feb. 17 No Seminar
Monday, Feb. 24 Dr. Latha Ramakrishnan--SCSU
Monday, Mar. 3 No Seminar
Monday, Mar. 10 No Seminar
Monday, Mar. 17 No Seminar
Monday, Mar. 24 Dr. James Johns--U. of Minnesota, Chemical Physics Program
Monday, Mar. 31 Brian Thompson--CIMA Labs
Monday, April 7 Dr. Thomas Holme--Iowa State University, ACS Exams Institute
Monday, April 14 Dr. Rebecca Davis--U. of Manitoba
Friday, April 18 Dr. Kannan Sivaprakasam, SCSU
Monday, April 21 Dr. Bryan Whiting, Rice University
Monday, April 28 Dr. Robert Doyle, Framingham State University
Monday, May 5 No Seminar
Fall 2013  
Monday, Sept. 2 LABOR DAY--No seminar.
Monday, Sept. 9 Dr. Cassidy Dobson & Dr. Sarah Petitto--SCSU
Monday, Sept. 16 Dr. Mohammad Hossain & Dr. Gayan Rubasinghege--SCSU
Monday, Sept. 23 No seminar
Monday, Sept. 30 CANCELLED; will be rescheduled
Monday, Oct. 7 Dr. Alexei Savinov & Ms. Christina Amatya--Sanford Research/USD)
Monday, Oct. 14 Mr. Ivan Spector--University of Minnesota
Monday, Oct. 21 Dr. Sara Mason--University of Iowa--CANCELLED
Monday, Oct. 28 Ms. Sarah Wegwerth--University of Minnesota
Monday, Nov. 4 Dr. William Tong--San Diego State U.
Monday, Nov. 11 Veteran's Day--No seminar
Monday, Nov. 18 Dr. Michael Dvorak--SCSU
Monday, Nov. 25 Mr. Jason Brethorst--University of Minnesota
Monday, Dec. 2 Om Shrestha--SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation
Friday, Dec. 6 Rachel Deutsch--SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation
Monday, Dec. 9 Thao Doua--SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation
Friday, Dec. 13 Andrew Skytland--SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation
Monday, Dec. 16 No seminar

2012-13 Seminars

Spring 2013  
Monday, Jan 28 Dr. Sarah Petitto & Dr. Jack McKenna-- SCSU
Monday, Feb. 4 Dr. Jason Chen--Iowa State University
Monday, Feb. 11 Bobbi Murphy--SCSU Career Services
Monday, Feb. 18 No seminar
Monday, Feb. 25 Dr. Lakshmaiah Sreerama--SCSU
Monday, March 4 Ms. Sara Lofstrom, College of Pharmacy, U. of M
Monday, March 11 No seminar--Spring break
Monday, March 18 No seminar
Monday, March 25 Mr. Nate Resman--PharmD Candidate, U. of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (SCSU Alum)
Monday, April 1 Dr. Sunshine Silver--Argonne National Laboratory
Monday, April 8 Dr. Sarah Bowman--U. of Minnesota, Duluth
Monday, April 15 Dr. Ken Hanson--U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (SCSU Alum)
Monday, April 22 Dr. John Kokosa--Mott Community College and Dr. Andrzej Przyjazny--Kettering University
Monday, April 29 Mr. Raj Bhandari--South Dakota State U. (SCSU alum)
Friday, May 3 Makenzie Pillsbury--SCSU student
Fall 2012  
Monday, Sept. 3 LABOR DAY--No seminar.
Monday, Sept. 10 Mr. Joseph Harsh--Science Education, Indiana University
Monday, Sept. 17 SCSU Faculty ( Dvorak, McKenna, Neu, Petitto, Robinson)
Monday, Sept. 24 Dr. Nathan Winter, Bobbi Murphy (Career Services) and SCSU intern students
Monday, Oct. 1 Dr. Becky Krystyniak--SCSU Teacher Prep Initiative
Monday, Oct. 8 Dr. John Cornell--SCSU Biology Department
Monday, Oct. 15 No Seminar
Monday, Oct. 22 Dr. Jeff Payne--3M Corporation (St. Paul)
Monday, Oct. 29 Dan Malmstrom--Douglas Scientific (Alexandria)
Monday, Nov. 5 No Seminar
Monday, Nov. 12 VETERANS DAY--No semianr
Monday, Nov. 19 Dr. Dan Mickus--3M Corporation (St. Paul)
Monday, Nov. 26 No Seminar

Monday, Dec. 3

No Seminar

Friday, Dec. 7 Department Student Seminar Series 4:00-6:15 p.m. WSB-119 and WSB-122

2011-12 Seminars

Spring Semester  
Monday, January 23 James Klancke--CIMA Labs
Monday, January 30 No seminar
Monday, February 6 Bobbi Murphy--SCSU Career Services
Monday, February 13 Steve Patterson-- U of MN Center for Drug Design--Will be in WSB-125.
Monday, February 20 To be announced
Monday, February 27 To be announced
Monday, March 5 Spring Break
Monday, March 12 To be announced
Friday, March 16 John Harlander, SCSU Department of Chemistry & Physics
Monday, March 19 Teresa Larson--Boston Scientific
Monday, March 26 To be announced
Monday, April 2 Christine Clouser--Institute for Molecular Virology, U of MN
Monday, April 9 Elizabeth Minor--U of MN Duluth, Department of Chemistry
Monday, April 16 To be announced
Monday, April 23 Joseph Mondloch--Northwestern University

2010-11 Seminars

Spring Semester  
Wed., January 19  
Wed., January 26 Brittany Vattuone--SCSU student, internship presentation
Wed., February 2 Holly Shoberg-- Kelly Scientific Resources
Wed., February 9 Mario Alpuche--University of Nevada, Reno--Seminar is at 11:00 a.m. in ECC-130
Wed., February 23 Daniel Schaefer--SCSU student
Wed., March 2 Peju Odunusi and Hong Nguyen--CIMA Labs
Wed., March 9 Spring break
Wed., March 16  
Wed., March 23
Fri., March 25 Video Presentation by Sally Ride in WSB-125 at 12:30 p.m.
Wed., March 30 Philippe Buhlmann--University of Minnesota
Wed., April 6 Shaun Corbett, Aerotek Scientific
Wed., April 13 Dennis Guster, Renat Sultanov, Kevin Haglin, SCSU
Wed., April 20 Teresa Larson--Boston Scientific (SCSU graduate)--CANCELED
Wed., April 27 Ming-Fong Lin--U. Nebraska Medical Center
Fall Semester  
Monday, Sept. 12 Laura Emerick--Career Services, SCSU (PDF)
Monday, Sept. 19 Dr. Ned Bowden--U. of Iowa (PDF)
Monday, Sept. 26 No seminar
Monday, Oct. 3 Dr. Brian Trewyn--Iowa State University
Monday, Oct. 10 Dr. Lakshmaiah Sreerama--SCSU
Monday, Oct. 17 Karina Desjardins--SCSU student
Monday, Oct. 24 No seminar
Monday, Oct. 31 Ivan Spector--SCSU student
Monday, Nov. 7 No seminar
Monday, Nov. 14 No seminar
Monday, Nov 21 Kim McKimmy--On Assignment
Monday, Nov. 28 Andy Ditlevson--SCSU Career Services --Seminar held in WSB-21
Monday, Dec. 5 No seminar

2009-10 Seminars

Spring Semester  
Wed., Jan. 20 Tim Miller--Development Partners, Inc.(PDF)
Wed., Jan. 27 Sarah Petitto, Mike Jeannot--SCSU Chemistry Faculty (PDF)
Wed., Feb. 3 Latha Ramakrishnan, Ram Sreerama--SCSU Chemistry Faculty (PDF)
Wed., Feb. 10 Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir--SCSU Chemistry Faculty (PDF)
Wed., Feb. 17 No seminar
Friday, Feb. 19 Kenneth Hanson--University of Southern California (SCSU Alum) (PDF)
Wed., Feb. 24 Kannan Sivaprakasam--SCSU Chemistry Faculty (PDF)
Wed., March 3 CANCELED--Robert Schumacher, Scientific Director, Center for Translational Medicine, Academic Health Center--U. of Minnesota (SCSU Alum)
Wed., March 17 Natalia Tretyakova, Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry--U. of Minnesota Cancer Center and the College of Pharmacy (PDF)
Wed., March 24 Amanda DeRaad, Pace Analytical (PDF)
Wed., March 31 No seminar
Friday, April 2 Amel Dudakovic--University of Iowa (SCSU Alum) (PDF)
Wed., April 7 Bryant Gay--University of Minnesota (SCSU Alum) (PDF)
Wed., April 14 Gregory Cook--North Dakota State University (PDF)
Wed., April 21 Qianli (Rick) Chu, University of North Dakota (PDF)
Wed., April 28 No Seminar
Fall Semester  
Wed., Sept. 1 Dr. Sarah Petitto and Dr. Kannan Sivaprakasam--SCSU Chemistry faculty
Wed., Sept. 8 Dr. Russell Lidberg and Dr. Donald Neu--SCSU faculty
Wed., Sept. 15 Sarah Wegwerth--SCSU student & UMN Lando student
Wed., Sept. 22 Dr. Brian Logue--South Dakota State U.--Brookings
Wed., Sept. 29 Dane Jeppesen--SCSU student
Wed., Oct. 6 Dr. Ken Leopold--U. of Minnesota
Wed., Oct. 13 Dr. Sean Hightower--University of North Dakota
Wed., Oct. 20 Dr. Robert Schumacher--Center for Translational Medicine, Academic Health Center, U. of Minnesota (SCSU Alumnus)
Wed., Oct. 27 Dr. Steven Kass--U. of Minnesota
Mon., Nov. 1 No seminar
Friday., Nov. 12 Dr. Sara Mason--U. of Iowa (will be in WSB-119)
Wed., Nov. 17 Kathryn Nelson--U. of Minnesota graduate student (SCSU Alumna)
Wed., Nov. 24 Meggan Larson--U. of Memphis (SCSU Alumna)
Wed., Dec.1 No seminar
Friday, Dec. 3 No seminar
Wed., Dec. 8 No seminar
Friday, Dec. 10 No seminar

2008-09 Seminars

Spring Semester  
Wed., Jan. 28 Dr. Michael Jeannot, SCSU (PDF)
Wed., Feb. 11 Dr. Brandie Kovaleski, U. of Minnesota (PDF)
Wed., Feb. 25 Dr. Mahin Sadrai, SCSU (PDF)
Wed., March 4 Dr. Alena Kubatov, U. of North Dakota (PDF)
Wed., March 18 Dr. Peju Odunusi, CIMA Labs (PDF)
Wed., March 25 Staci Bennett, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (PDF)
Fri., March 27 Dr. Joe Alia, U. of MN, Morris (PDF)
Mon., April 20 Dr. Sarah Petitto, U. of Alaska-Fairbanks (PDF)
Wed., April 22 Dr. William Yu, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (PDF)
Fri., April 24 Dr. Soma Chattopadhyay,MIT (PDF)
Wed., April 29 Sarah Pietruszewski, Senior Thesis Seminar (PDF)
Sat., April 25 SCSU Senior Thesis Presentations
Fall Semester  
Wed., Sept. 16 Shawna R. Heisick--Paddock Labs, Minneapolis (PDF)
Wed., Sept. 23 Andy Roering--University of Vermont (PDF)
Wed., Sept. 30 Javier Vela--Iowa State University (PDF)
Wed., Oct. 7 Hailey Gahlon--University of Minnesota (PDF)
Wed., Oct. 14 Mike Bowser--University of Minnesota (PDF)
Wed., Oct. 28 Jack McKenna--SCSU (PDF)
Wed., Nov. 4 Ercole Cavalieri--Univ. of Nebraska Medical Center (PDF)
Friday, Nov. 6 Michael Barney--SCSU (PDF)
Friday, Nov. 13 Quincy Nang--SCSU (PDF)
Wed., Nov. 18 Shanna Bach--SCSU (PDF)
Fri., Nov. 20 Charlie Pickrell--SCSU (PDF)
Fri., Nov. 20 Gladys Ochoki--SCSU (PDF)
Wed., Nov. 25 Megan Cleland--NIH/NINDS
Wed., Dec. 2 Shiang Kai Cheng--SCSU (PDF)
Wed., Dec. 4 Edwin Ogbonna--SCSU (PDF)
Wed., Dec. 4 Richard Tadlock--SCSU (PDF)

2007-08 Seminars

Spring Semester  
January 28, 2008 Kathy Michalski-SCSU
February 11, 2008 Travis Mills-SCSU Alumnus, U. of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry
February 25, 2008 Gustavo McIntosh, Iowa State U., Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology and Plant Science Institute
March 10, 2008 Mark Cracolice, The U. of Montana, Chemistry Department
March 24, 2008 Jake Rafferty-SCSU Alumnus, U. of Minnesota, Chemistry Department
March 31, 2008 Austin Pitcher, SCSU Alumnus, UC-Berkeley, Chemistry Department
April 7, 2008 Stanley May, U. of South Dakota, Chemistry Department
April 28, 2008 M.C. Jesus Alfredo Rosas Rodriquez, Research Center for Food & Development, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Fall Semester  
Sept. 17, 2008 Lori Jeannot, Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Sept. 26, 2008 Dan Friesbie, U. of MN, Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Oct. 1, 2008 Rod Johnson, U. of Minnesota, Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry
Oct. 10, 2008 Ross Carlson, Montana State U., Center for Molecular Biosciences
Oct. 17, 2008 Peter Grundt, U. of MN-Duluth, Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Nov. 7, 2008 Diane Birt, Iowa State University, Food Science & Human Nutrition Dept.
Nov. 12, 2008 Emily Smith, Iowa State University, Department of Chemistry
Nov. 18, 2008 Youri Pavolov, U. of Nebraska Medical Center
Dec. 3, 2008 Mark Mizen, Antioch Co./Creative Memories

2006-07 Seminars

Fall Semester  
September 10, 2007 Dr. Uwe Burghaus-North Dakota State U., Department of Chemistry
September 14, 2007 Dr. Brian Logue-South Dakota State U., Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
October 15, 2007 Jarred Engelking-SCSU Internship Report
October 19, 2007 Dr. Mary Cloninger-Montana State U., Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
October 22, 2007 Dr. Ilja Siepmann-U of Minnesota-TC, Department of Chemistry
November 1, 2007 Dr. Joe Caruso-U of Cincinnati-Department of Chemistry
November 5, 2007 Dr. Chengguo Xing-U of Minnesota-TC, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
November 12, 2007 Dr. Steve Berry-U of Minnesota-Duluth, Department of Chemistry
November 16, 2007 Ben Frigo-Chemistry 491 Thesis Presentation
November 19, 2007 Dr. Do Hyung Kim-U of Minnesota-TC, Department of Biochemistry
November 26, 2007 Dr. Ming-Fong Lin-University of Nebraska Medical Center
November 30, 2007 Scott Pederson-Chemistry 491 Senior Thesis Presentation
December 7, 2007 Aaron Luckachick-Chemistry 491 Thesis Presentation
December 10, 2007 Brian Mork-Chemistry 491 Thesis Presentation
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