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If you would like to receive letter of recommendation from someone in the SCSU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, please fill out the form below, selecting the faculty and/or staff that you wish to send your request to.

You will need to submit your resume separately to the faculty and/or staff that you are requesting a recommendation from. If you do not have a resume, you may wish to contact SCSU Career Services to assist you in developing a resume.

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Dr. Mike Dvorak
Ms. Bernie Frie
Dr. Dan Gregory
Dr. Mike Jeannot
Dr. Becky Krystyniak
Dr. Tammy Leenay

Dr. Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir
Dr. Jack McKenna
Dr. Mark Mechelke
Mr. Mike Moore
Dr. Don Neu
Dr. Sarah Petitto
Dr. Latha Ramakrishnan

Dr. Kannan Sivaprakasam
Dr. Ram Sreerama
Mr. Jeff Stobb
Dr. Nathan Winter


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