Placement exam Chem 141

CHEM 141

Students who have completed high school chemistry may wish to consider taking the placement exam for CHEM 141 (Intro to Organic and Biological Chemistry). A passing score on this placement exam means you will be able to register for CHEM 141 without first completing CHEM 131 (Introductory Chemistry for Health Sciences). Prior to registration for CHEM 141, students must either complete CHEM 131 with a passing grade or pass the placement exam.

The maximum number of times you can take the exam is two. There is no charge for the first exam; there is a $5 charge for the second time. You can take the exam only once a semester per registration period. For example, if you took the exam in December, that would count toward the spring registration period, so you would not be eligible to take the exam until spring semester, with the intent of registering for Chem 141 either summer or the following fall semester. You will have 60 minutes to answer 40 questions. You must answer 25 correctly to become eligible to register for CHEM 141. You will need a calculator. You cannot use a programmable or graphing calculator on the exam. A review sheet outlining the topics covered on the exam is available. The score will expire after two calendar years. For example, if you took the exam on 1/1/2015, the score would only be valid until 1/1/17.

If you answer fewer than 25 correctly you must enroll in CHEM 131 – Introductory Chemistry for the Health Sciences.

There is no charge to take the exam the first time. The exam will be graded immediately and the results entered into the registration system.

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Registration Instructions

To register for the exam, visit the SCSU Placement Testing web site. You will see a calendar indicating the available testing dates. Follow the instructions on the page to register for your placement exam.

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