Faculty and Staff


Latha RamakrishnanLatha Ramakrishnan, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry, Chair
Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
Specialty: Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Neuroscience
Email: lramakrishnan@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 373
Telephone: (320) 308-3257
Research Interests


Cassidy DobsonCassidy Dobson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
B.A. 2005, Hamline University; Ph.D. 2012, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Specialty: Biochemistry
Email: cmdobson@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 367
Telephone: (320) 308-4531

Michael DvorakMichael A. Dvorak, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry
B.A. 1987, Saint Olaf College; Ph.D. 1992, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Specialty: Analytical chemistry with an emphasis on fluorescence spectroscopy
Email: madvorak@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/madvorak
Office: Wick Science Building 351
Telephone: (320) 308-2015
Research Interests

Thomas G. GardnerThomas G. Gardner, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
B.A. 1984, Macalester College; Ph.D. 1989, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Specialty: Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Synthesis, Coordination Catalysis, Analytical and Forensic Chemistry, Polymer and Materials Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Chemical Education.
Email: tggardner@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 365
Telephone: (320) 308-2054
Research Interests


Mohammad HossainMohammad Hossain, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
B.Sc. 1997, M. Sc. 2000, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh; Ph.D. 2007, University of Saskatchewan, SK, Canada
Specialty: Organic and Biological Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry: Synthesis and Cytotoxic Evaluation of piperidone based compounds; Design, Synthesis and Bioevaluation of Prodrugs of Novel Cytotoxic Agents; Isolation and characterization of bioactive natural compounds.
Email: mhossain@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 368
Telephone: (320) 308-2081

Michael JeannotMichael A. Jeannot, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry
B.S. 1992, University of Saskatchewan; Ph.D. 1997, University of Alberta
Specialty: Analytical chemistry, trace environmental analysis using microextraction techniques
Email: mjeannot@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/majeannot
Office: Wick Science Building 366
Telephone: (320) 308-2046
Research Interests

Rebecca KrystyniakRebecca A. Krystyniak, Ph.D.

Dr. Krystyniak is on leave from Chemistry for 2014-2015. She is serving as the Co-Director of the Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI).
Professor of Chemistry
B.A. 1996, Carthage College; M.A. 2000, Ph.D. 2001, University of Northern Colorado
Specialty: Chemistry education, inquiry-based learning, the effect of order of content on student understanding, the development and assessment of science process skills, and student understanding of chemistry on the molecular level
Email: rakrystyniak@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Education Building A-232A
Telephone: (320) 308-2024

Tamara LeenayTamara Leenay, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry
B.S. 1982, Le Moyne College; Ph.D. 1988, University of Pennsylvania
Specialty: Organic chemistry
Email: tleenay@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 363
Telephone: (320) 308-3948
Research Interests

Mohammad Mahroof-TahirMohammad Mahroof-Tahir, Ph.D.

On leave for 2014-15.
Fulbright Scholar
Professor of Chemistry
M.S. 1979, Quaid-i-Azam University; M.A. 1990, Ph.D. 1992, Johns Hopkins University
Specialty: Bioinorganic chemistry, synthesis and characterization of metal complexes with potential antidiabetic and anticancer properties
Email: mmahroof@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/mmahroof
Office: Wick Science Building 373
Telephone: (320) 308-3198
Research Interests

Jack McKennaJack F. McKenna, Ph.D.

Dr. McKenna is on phased retirement.
Professor of Chemistry
B.S. 1977, Ph.D. 1982, Clemson University
Specialty: Physical chemistry
Email: jfmckenna@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/jfmckenna
Research Interests

Mark MechelkeMark Mechelke, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry
B.S. 1993, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Ph.D. 1998, University of Iowa
Specialty: Organic chemistry, design and synthesis of novel anticancer drugs
Email: mmechelke@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/mmechelke
Office: Wick Science Building 370
Telephone: (320) 308-2030
Research Interests

Donald NeuDonald R. Neu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry
B.S. 1989, Minnesota State University, Mankato; Ph.D. 1993, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Specialty: Solid state, quantum dot, materials science, inorganic chemistry and radiochemistry, semiconducting materials, quantum devices, quartz crystal micro-balance sensor devices, and direct nuclear power conversion
Email: drneu@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/drneu
Office: Wick Science Building 369
Telephone: (320) 308-3989
Research Interests

Latha RamakrishnanSarah C. Petitto, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry
B.S. 1999, Rochester Institute of Technology; Ph.D. 2005, University of Nebraska--Lincoln
Specialty: Physical surface chemistry
Email: scpetitto@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 371
Telephone: (320) 308-5420
Research Interests


Jake RaffertyJake Rafferty, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
B.S. 2004, St. Cloud State University; Ph.D. 2009, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Specialty: Physical chemistry, statistical mechanics, molecular simulation of liquids
Email: jlrafferty@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 372
Telephone: (320) 308-4170

Kannnan SivaprakasamKannan Sivaprakasam, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry
B.S. 1988, University of Madras; Ph.D. 1998, Indian Institute of Science
Specialty: Polymer/materials science
Email: ksivaprakasam@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 350
Telephone: (320) 308-1692

Lakshmaiah SreeramaLakshmaiah Sreerama, Ph.D.

On leave for 2014-15.
Fulbright Scholar
Professor of Chemistry
B.S. 1983, M.S. 1985, Ph.D. 1991, Bangalore University (India)
Specialty: Biochemistry and biochemical pharmacology, anticancer drug resistance mechanisms and biochemical toxicology of environmental chemicals
Email: lsreerama@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/lsreerama
Research Interests

Nathan WinterNathan S. Winter, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry
B.A. 1987, Macalester College; Ph.D. 1992, Washington University
Specialty: Biophysical chemistry, protein crystallization and structural studies
Email: nwinter@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 338
Telephone: (320) 308-2052

General Chemistry Lab Coordinator


Marissa HarleMarissa Harle

Lab Coordinator
B.S. 2005, North Dakota State University; Ph.D. 2012, Purdue University
Specialty: Chemistry education, inquiry-based learning, use of external representations for teaching and learning about molecular-level chemistry concepts
Office: Wick Science Building 357
Telephone: (320) 308-6086


Administrative Reassigned Faculty

Daniel GregoryDaniel D. Gregory, Ph.D.

Dr. Gregory is on leave from Chemistry. He is serving as Dean of the College of Science & Engineering.
Professor of Chemistry
B.S. 1994, Southwest State University; Ph.D. 1998, Iowa State University
Specialty: Physical organic chemistry, photochemistry and computational chemistry of organic compounds
Email: dgregory@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 145
Telephone: (320) 308-5468


Bernie FrieBernie Frie

Office Manager
Email: bmfrie@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 358
Telephone: (320) 308-3031
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/bmfrie 

Jeff StobbJeff Stobb

College Laboratory Services Specialist
Email: jwstobb@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 313-1
Telephone: (320) 308-1743

Mike MooreMike Moore

College Laboratory Services Specialist
Email: mjmoore@stcloudstate.edu
Office: Wick Science Building 313-1
Telephone: (320) 308-2061

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