Graduate Program

Graduate Teacher Licensure - Parent Education

The Parent Education Licensure Program provides preparation for students who already have a Bachelor's degree to meet the Minnesota requirements for the Parent Educator Licence. The program offers courses in Child Development, Parent and Family Studies, Parent Education Method and a Student Teaching experience.


Course Requirements


Child Development

CFS 521 - Development of Young Children, 3 credits

CFS 631 - Development of Infants & Toddlers, 3 credits


Family Development

CFS 515 - Foundations of Parent/Family Education, 3 credits

CFS 522 - Families: Theories & Strategies, 3 credits


Parent Education Methods

CFS 625 - Methods of Parent & Family Education, 2 credits

CFS 665 - Parent Education Methods Practicum, 1 credit

CFS 635 - Parenthood & Adult Development, 2 credits

CFS 645 - Working with Parents in Groups, 2 credits

CFS 666 - Parent Education Group Practicum, 1 credit


Parent Education Electives (Students who have course work in related fields, such as education, social work, psychology, child development, will have the electives waived. Students who come from an unrelated field may have to complete 6 credits in this area.)

CFS 627 - Home Visiting, 2 credits

CFS 632 - Analysis of Families with Children with Disabilities, 3 credits

CFS 636- Fathers in Parent Education, 2 credits

CFS 646- Advanced Group Skills in Parent Education, 2 credits

(There are additional courses to those listed above that may be used to meet the elective requirment)


Student Teaching

CFS 675 - Parent Education Student Teaching, 3 credits


Additional Teacher Education Requirements

HURL 597 - Human Relations for Teachers, 3 credits

HLTH 505 - Mood Modifying Substances, 2 credits



Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations

Licensure candidates who are not currently licensed as a teacher in Minnesota must also pass the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exam (MTLE) Basic Skills Tests in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics as a requirement for the Parent Education License.



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