Graduate Program

Master of Science - Family Studies

The Family Studies degree has been designed to prepare graduate students for work with parents and families of young children. The heart of the program is a set of courses that lead to the Minnesota state Parent Educator license. In addition, students will develop skills to study parent and family issues related to early childhood family education and family studies.



Plan A Students complete thesis: 32 credits

Plan B Students complete starred papers: 36 credits.

I. Research Core: Required: Plan a 6-9 cr.: Plan B 3-9 cr.          

Choose from the following courses or equivalent with advisor’s approval:

            ED       615      Introduction of Research, 3cr.

            CEEP 678      Introduction to Graduate Statistics, 3 cr.

            CFS     621      Research Methods: Child/Family, 3 cr.

            CFS     699      Thesis (Plan A only) 6 cr.

II. Child and Family Studies Core: Plan A-18 cr.: Plan B-21 cr.

            CFS     521      Development of Young Children, 3 cr.

            CFS     522      Families: Theories and Strategies, 3 cr.

            CFS     631      Development of Infants and Toddles, 3 cr.

            CFS     515      Foundations of Parent/Family Education, 3 cr.

            CFS     625      Parent Education methods, 2 cr.

            CFS     665      Parent Education methods Practicum, 1 cr.

            CFS     635      Parenthood and Adult Development, 2 cr.

            CFS     645      Working with parents in Groups, 2 cr.

            CFS     666      Parent Education Group Practicum, 1 cr.

.           CFS     675      Parent Education Student Teaching, 3 cr.

            CFS     505      Issues and Topics in Child/Family, 1-4 cr.

            CFS     605      Issues and Topics in Early Childhood & Family Studies, 1-4 cr.

III. Specialization Block: Family Studies: Plan A 8 cr.: Plan B 12 cr.

            CFS     627      Home Visiting, 2 cr.

            CFS     636      Fathers in Parent Education, 2 cr.

            CFS     646      Advanced Group Skills in Parent Education, 2 cr.

            CFS     632      Analysis of Families with Children with Disabilities, 3 cr.


Students may take equivalent courses in other departments with the approval of their advisor.

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