Graduate Program

Graduate Teacher Licensure - Early Childhood Special Education

Courses are available that lead to eligibility for licensure in early childhood special education and parent education. It is possible to combine course work and to receive more than one license. It is the students’ responsibility to consult with the child and family studies department and state licensing agencies for current licensing requirements.


Early Childhood Special Education License Plan of Study–Graduate

(34-36 credit hours)                                                                                                      


CFS     611   Foundations of EC/ECSE (3 cr.)                                     


CFS     521   Development of Young Children (3 cr.)                          

CFS     631   Development of Infants and Toddlers (3 cr.)                  


CFS     633   Educational Strategies for Children with Dis. (3 cr.)      

CFS     643   Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities (3 cr.)                  


CFS     632   Analysis of Families with Children with Disabilities (3 cr.)    

Special Needs:

CFS     608   Developmental Screening and Assessment  (3 cr.)          

SPED  505   Behavior Theories and Practices in SPED (3 cr.)

SPED  520   Characteristics of Students with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (3 cr.)                                

CDIS   568   Child Language Development and Disorders (3 cr.)                 

Student Teaching:

CFS     680   ECSE Infant/Toddler Student Teaching (2-3 cr.)           

CFS     681   ECSE Preschool Student Teaching (2-3 cr.)                    

Additional Teacher Education Requirements

HURL  597  Human Relations for Teachers (3 cr.)                               

HLTH  505  Mood Modifying Substance (2 cr.)                                  


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