Celebrate! St. Cloud State

This Sept. 26-29 unleash your inner Husky, celebrate your ties to St. Cloud State, rekindle connections with classmates and campus.

It’s the Great St. Cloud State Shout-Out!


St. Cloud State University Shout Out
  • Display our specially designed profile image and cover image on your Facebook page. Instructions: Right-click on a link above and then save the image to your computer.
  • Shout out on Twitter using the hashtag #HuskiesShoutOut. Include our @stcloudstate handle.
  • Post photos of yourself and classmates to the St. Cloud State Facebook and Twitter pages. New pics. Old pics. It’s all good. Free SCSU T-shirts to the first 250 photos posted during Sept. 26-29. Sizes limited.
  • Purchase new Husky apparel to spice up your photos: scsu.mn/12vM1nV.
  • Snap a photo of yourself holding the latest issue of Outlook magazine, featuring Hobey Baker winner Drew LeBlanc.
  • Share a Vine or Instagram video about how you are participating in Celebrate! St. Cloud State.
  • Comment on our Outlook magazine website.



St. Cloud State University Shout Out
'80s graduates gathered May 2013
in Santa Barbara, Calif.



St. Cloud State University Shout Out
Val’s Rapid Serv in
East St. Cloud
  • If you’re in area, consider gathering at Val’s Rapid Serv. That’s right, the old-school burger joint in east St. Cloud you frequented as a student.
  • Gather with friends at a restaurant, tavern, coffeehouse or home. Reminisce about your St. Cloud State years.
  • Enlighten your next book club meeting with a story about how your St. Cloud State education launched your life.
  • Wear Husky apparel everywhere. You’ll be surprised how many conversations you can start wearing a Husky hoodie.


Celebrate! St. Cloud State