Anoka-Ramsey Community College & St. Cloud State University

Anoka-Ramsey Commmunity College Connection

Joining the Community College Connection Program

Entering the Connection program is easy and it is your first step to your higher education.

Admission Pathways

You can apply to the Connection program if you are:

  1. A student who applied to SCSU and received a referral package to the Connection program.
  2. A high school graduate who wants to apply directly to the Connection program, without being referred by SCSU.
  3. A student who was admitted to a major at SCTCC and wants to switch to the Connection program.


Admission Requirements

-To have a high school GPA of 2.0 or higher


Admissions Process


  • Complete an application form (pdf)
  • $20 application fee (SCTCC does not waive application fees)
  • High school transcript (unless you already submitted a copy to SCSU)
  • Mail to:
    SCTCC Admissions Office
    1540 Northway Drive
    St. Cloud, MN 56303



After your application materials are processed, you will receive a "Checklist" in the mail with information about testing. All students are required to take the "Reading" and "Elementary Algebra" portions of the Accuplacer placement test, unless an exemption is noted on your checklist. Testing should be completed within 30 days of receiving the checklist.


Testing is free (first attempt) and can be scheduled at SCSU, SCTCC, or any other Minnesota State College or University.

For questions about the accuplacer please contact Nathan Jacobson at: 320-308-5998



Once we receive your Accuplacer scores we will mail you an Acceptance Packet. This packet contains your acceptance letter, your ID numbers for SCSU and SCTCC, information about financial aid, a Campus Card application kit, and a brochure to apply for housing at SCSU. Please read all the information carefully and follow the steps indicated in the letter.

Depending on when you are admitted you will also receive with your packet a letter with instructions on how to register to attend an Advising & Registration session at SCSU. If you were admitted to the Connection program before March of the year of your admission, then you will likely receive the Advising and Registrationinstructions in a separate mailing.


Your Advising and Registration Day is a mandatory one-day program that is required for all new first year students as part of our commitment to your academic success.  You will work closely with our staff of faculty and student advisors to identify the resources you need to be successful and you will also register for your first semester of classes.




“The greatest choice I made was to attend the CCC Program because it has the comfort of smaller more individualized classes, but also the experiences of a university lifestyle on the SCSU campus”