Anoka-Ramsey Community College & St. Cloud State University

Anoka-Ramsey Commmunity College Connection

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are my classes?

A: Look in the “notes” section of your schedule for the building name and room number.

Q: Where do I get my books?

A: Bring a copy of your schedule to the SCSU Bookstore and the staff will help you find them. You can charge them to your financial aid only if your FAFSA is fully processed and you have an award letter on E-Services.

Q: I’m having issues with my emails!

A: Contact St. Cloud State HuskyTech at (320) 308-7000 or the SCTCC Helpdesk at (320) 308-6445

Q: I went to get my SCSU ID Card and they said I’m not in the system!

A: Make sure that you activated your SCSU email account before you go get your card. If you are still having trouble, contact Álvaro at (320) 308-1047.

Q: I want to add/drop a class or modify my schedule

A: Contact Álvaro at (320) 308-1047.

Q: I’m only taking 11 credits and that is not considered full-time!

A: That is fine. Most students in the Connection program take 11 credits their first semester and that will not affect your financial aid eligibility.

Q: Do I have to complete the Respect & Responsibility requirement at SCSU?

A: The Respect & Responsibility requirement consists of two parts. The first one is Respect and Consent, an online training about sexual assault prevention. The second part is an in-classroom workshop titled Community through Diversity. Connection students are only required to complete the first part, Respect and Consent. You will receive an email with instructions to do so during the first weeks of the semester. Once you complete the program and transfer to SCSU you will be required to take the in-classroom workshop.

Q: I have a 0074 registration hold in my account. What does it mean?

A: It means that you are not allowed to register for SCSU courses while you are in the Connection program unless an exception is approved by your advisor. The 0074 hold only applies to SCSU and it will not interfere with your SCTCC registration.

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