Anoka-Ramsey Community College & St. Cloud State University

Anoka-Ramsey Commmunity College Connection

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I a SCTCC student or a SCSU student?

A: You are both. You will register for classes through SCTCC but those courses will be taught on site at SCSU. You will have a StarID to login to E-Services on both campuses and you will activate two different email accounts.


Q: Can I live on campus?

A:  Yes, you are encouraged to live on campus as long as there is space available. Please contact the Residential Life office at (320) 308-2166 for more information.


Q: Can I join a student organization?

A: Yes. Connection students have the right to access and utilize all of the resources, services, activities, and programs available to SCSU students with the exception of participating in NCAA Athletics and Counseling & Psychological Services.


Q: Can I get a SCSU ID card?

A: Yes, you should get it to take advantage of all that SCSU has to offer! That includes campus cash, printing, swipe access to computer labs, riding the Metro Bus for free, etc. 


Q: I went to get my SCSU ID Card and they said I'm not in the system!

A: Make sure that you activate your SCSU email account before you go get your card. If you are still having trouble, contact Austin at (320) 308-1047.


Q: How does my financial aid work?

A: You will fill out your FAFSA and apply for financial aid through SCTCC. For questions about this process, contact Anita Baugh at (320) 308-5936. Once you claim your loans, the aid will be sent to SCTCC and it will automatically pay for your SCTCC charges (tuition and fees). If there is left over money it will be sent to you (via check or direct deposit) and it is your responsibility to use it to pay for the SCSU charges (Connection fee, housing and meals if applicable). Financial aid does not automatically pay your SCSU bill.


Q: I'm only taking 10-11 credits and that is not considered full-time!

A: That is fine. Most students in the Connection program take 10-11 credits their first semester and that will not affect your financial aid eligibility. Students wishing to stay on track for graduating in four years should work with their advisor to develop a timeline to graduation.


Q: Where do I get my books?

A: Bring a copy of your schedule to the SCSU Bookstore and the staff will help you find them. You can charge them to your financial aid during the first three days of the semester only if your FAFSA is fully processed and you have an award letter on E-Services.


Q: I'm having issues with my emails!

A: Contact our amazing technology support teams. Having issues with your SCSU email: contact the SCSU Helpdesk at (320) 308-2077 or Having issues with your SCTCC email: contact the SCTCC Helpdesk at (320) 308-6445 or Be sure to check both emails! Many students sync them both to their mobile devices.