Anoka-Ramsey Community College & St. Cloud State University

Anoka-Ramsey Commmunity College Connection

Course Descriptions

Courses that have been offered through the SCTCC Community College Connection Program:


READ 0304 Reading Strategies: Expands students' ability to successfully use reading strategies for achievement in college courses. Course material will focus on textbooks and other types of reading materials prevalent in technical courses.

  • Does not transfer to SCSU

ENGL 0304 Foundations for College Writing II:  This is the second course in the developmental sequence for students seeking an AA degree. In this preparatory course, students will study and apply principles of sentence, paragraph, research, and essay structure in reading materials prevalent in college level courses.

  • Does not transfer to SCSU

MATH 0400 Foundations for College Mathematics:  This course is designed to help students improve their arithmetic and introductory algebra skills. Course delivery is in a math laboratory setting. The content is student-paced, supplemented with individual coaching and instructor lead small group lectures. 

  • Does not transfer to SCSU

MATH 0480 Intermediate Algebra:  This course is an intermediate course in the principles and applications of algebra. Topics covered include division and factoring polynomials, rational equations, functions, systems of equations, radical expressions and equations, quadratic equations, and exponential and logarithmic functions. A wide variety of examples and exercises are used to help the student connect the mathematical content with the real world. 

  • Does not transfer to SCSU

INTS 1155 Student Success Seminar:   The intent of the course is to acquaint students with higher education and assist them in reaching their educational objectives. Students will demonstrate self-management skills and identify strategies and resources that can aid in their academic success, personal development, and goal identification and attainment. Students will be empowered to take ownership and control of their academic and personal life outcomes.

  • Transfers to SCSU as university elective

ENGL 1302 Analytical Writing:  Meets MN Transfer Goal 1 - Written Communication.
This course focuses on research and argument, emphasizing contemporary issues. The course develops the writing, research, analytical, and peer evaluation skills necessary to succeed academically, professionally and personally. Students will produce for grading at least 6,500 words during the semester, including an extensive research paper.

  • Transfers to SCSU as ENGL 191 – Goal 1 Written Communication

CMST 1320 Introduction to Communication Studies:  Meets MN Transfer Goal 1 - Oral Communication. This course introduces students to a variety of communication areas, including listening, interpersonal communication, small group communication and public speaking. Students will apply concepts from these areas through writing, discussion and speaking. This course emphasizes the importance of effective communication in everyday life.

  • Transfers to SCSU as CMST 192 – Goal 1 Oral Communication

PSYCH 1300 Introduction to Psychology:  Meets MN Transfer Goal 5 - History/Social/Behavioral Sciences. Survey of contemporary scientific psychology. Includes: research methods, biological bases of behavior, cognitive mechanisms, sensation and perception, learning and behavioral adaptation, development, social influences, personality, and disorders.

  • Transfers to SCSU as PSYC 115 – Goal 5 History/Social/Behavioral Sciences

HIST 1311 The United States since 1877:  Meets MN Transfer Goals 5 & 9 - History & the Social & Behavioral Sciences and Ethical & Civic Responsibility. This course will examine trends and events from the end of Reconstruction until the present, including topics such as industrial modernization, imperialism, Jim Crow, progressivism, the two world wars, the Great Depression, the New Deal, the Cold War, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the Civil Rights movement, Great Society reforms, the impact of 9/11/01, America's changing role in the world, and continuing political controversies.

  • Transfers to SCSU as Goal 5 & 9 History Elective
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