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-- NEW 2011 Interns! --

Monday, May 2, 2011

Greetings to all!

An internship is a significant experience in which most college students should participate because work experience is priceless. However, as a freshman, sophomore or junior, you may be unsure of the details of an internship: the tasks, the expectations, the pay, the hours, etc. These feelings are perfectly normal and expected. That is precisely why the Career Services Center has developed the Intern Blog experience for students.

Check out our new Spring 2011 Intern Bloggers! Use their experiences and reflections as a resource to motivate your own search for an internship and gain a deeper insight into some of the available majors at SCSU.

Read along Kevin’s experience at a national television network’s bureau in Washington D.C.; Danielle’s experience as a digital communication intern; Tara’s experience as a photojournalist at a local newspaper agency; Xue’s experience as a graphic designer in a print shop; Sam’s experience at a career services center and Ashley’s experience as social media intern in Colorado.

Do check out stories from the past intern bloggers for some of the majors that are not included this semester. Enjoy!


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