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College of Liberal Arts and Humanities Success Stories

Have you heard that there are no jobs out there? These SCSU alumni have found great careers even in today’s economy. Read up on how they got their jobs, the essential steps that they took, and their advice for current SCSU students.

Melissa Croteau
Melissa ‘10
Major: Mass Communications- PR emphasis
Minors: Marketing, Communication Studies
Consumer Marketing Intern, Padilla Speer Beardsley, Minneapolis

"Get experience through internships (even if they’re unpaid). Then pull those experiences through during interviews when asked situational questions. Network, and continue to be in touch with others as much as possible. Be involved on campus with clubs and organizations that relate to your course of study. And remember the 2 P’s…be persistent and patient in your job search!"


Langevin, Matt
Matt ‘10
Major: Graphic Design
Graphic Designer, BI Worldwide, Minneapolis, MN

"My opportunity with BI first started as an internship working as a "creative technologist". Then a position opened up in a different area of the company. I was highly recommended for the position because of my work as an intern.

Key steps to success: Internships, Internships, Internships!!! I did three internships before landing my job (get paid internships if you can). Make a knockout resume. Stand apart from the competition. Don't just apply for your dream job right off the bat. Apply at any job you could see yourself working at for a few years to get experience. Personality - show them who you are and what you can offer to their company. Interviews - think about questions they might ask you. Be prepared to answer them."


Missy ‘09
Major: Communication Arts and Literature
8th grade Language Arts Teacher for Inver Grove Heights Middle School

"While I was doing my student teaching, I applied for 5 teaching jobs. I got all of these job opportunities off of the Career Services Center’s online job board, EdPost. Before my student teaching ended I had an interview arranged. I went to the interview the day after my student teaching ended and got the job less than a week later!"


Edwards, Dylan
Dylan ‘09
Major: Communication Studies – Minor: Philosophy
Graphic Design/Marketing, Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, Medora, ND

"I was working as a graphic designer in the University Communications office on campus with graduation looming near. One of the full-time graphic designers mentioned seeing an ad on for a position at the Paramount Theatre. I noticed on the posting that the due date for applications had passed. I decided to contact them anyway. It turns out they had just done a set of interviews from their original pool of 100 applicants. They chose 1 person that they interviewed, but that person ended up taking a position elsewhere. I had contacted them at exactly the right moment. They interviewed 3 or 4 more people and decided to go with me. The process from applying to getting the position took about 3 days.

Today my wife, a fellow SCSU graduate, and I are living in Medora, North Dakota. We're both working for the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. I am doing Graphic Design and Marketing, very similar to what I was doing at the Paramount in St. Cloud. We will be going to Africa in July for a 27 month volunteer tour with the Peace Corps. I will be doing Technology related work and Bretta will be doing Business Advising as she has a BS from the GR Herberger College of Business.

My advice to current students is to volunteer and look for jobs on campus that will help you get experience in the field you want to go into. There are so many volunteer opportunities on campus and you can find something for any career goal. Also, don't just have a job because it pays well. You can make good money delivering pizzas or serving at a restaurant, but is that what you want to do your whole life? Also, don't be afraid to contact people. So what if the application deadline is passed? So what if you don't think you're qualified? It doesn't hurt to contact them anyway."


Johan ‘09
Major: Communication Studies
Financial Representative with Northwestern Mutual in Minnetonka, MN

"Be willing to work hard to get the position. Follow up with the people that do the hiring. Call them directly and don't be afraid; all they can say is no...But what if they say YES?!"


Jorgen ‘08
Major: Mass Communication
Agent Assistant, The Arise Creative Agency- Minneapolis, Minnesota

"My advice for people who are starting their job search is to be persistent, dedicated, and relentless to what they want to do in their professional careers. I graduated in May of 2008, right when the slow decline in the job market was beginning. For 7 months I interviewed and sent out job applications. It wore me down and was a huge moral let down. I stayed with it, networked as much as I could (which is one of the most important things a fresh graduate can do) and established connections with anyone and everyone. You really need to find out what sets you apart from the thousands of other graduates and hundreds of other candidates for jobs you are applying for. I found out not soon enough that (especially with my field), it is all about who you know and sometimes (unfortunately) not what you know."


Brittany ‘09
Major: Mass Communications
Franchise Product Sales Coordinator, Regis Corporation- Edina, Minnesota

"The main advice that I would give would be to never stop trying. I first found out about Regis Corporation from the Career Fair. Then I looked on their website to see what job openings they had. Go to any Career Fair that St. Cloud has to offer. Also, I went to every opportunity that I could at the Career Services Center, including the resume sessions and mock interviews. Research where you see yourself working. In a tough job market, you can’t just expect a job will come find you; you have to do your homework and learn about the company that you want to work for. If you can, make a connection at that company. I first applied for a job at Regis Corporation that was part-time. I knew I wanted to work at a corporation like that, and if I had to start at the bottom and work my way up, I would. In a job market such as this, I knew I needed to be open to anything. Have as many people as you can look over your resume, the more eyes the better. I had companies, friends, and family look over my resume. Just be yourself, and be confident. Recent college graduates have new ideas and companies want us!"

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