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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast Event is coming up on January 19th, 2015 from 7am at the Atwood Ballroom. This Event is Free and open for everyone. Please click on this link to register for the event Here


Make a difference! Attend a workshop!

Check out this article 'Rethinking Cinco de Mayo' by St. Cloud State University Professor, Sudie Hofmann!



Our mission is to build a lasting anti-racist university and community.

To enhance campus/community climate and promote equal opportunity by:

  1. Examining and critiquing the unequal distribution of power and privilege along racial lines in the university and community. 
  2. Building and sustaining a culturally respectful educational system.
  3. Building and sustaining a culturally respectful living and working environment that respects and values the richness of every group within an anti-racist community.
  4. Advancing multicultural understanding and competence and
  5. Provide training and strategies to confront ethnic/racial prejudice and discrimination as well as institutional racism.
  6. Dismantling institutional racism to make the University and other organizations in the greater community multicultural and anti-racist.
  7. Addressing racial discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes and racism.
  8. Addressing inequalities between the majority population and populations of color.
  9. Promoting a welcoming environment for all races.


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